Jordan Parvex (he/him) is currently an Art Director at Ready Set Rocket. His previous work includes designing for a museum and creating his own zine.

Project 6︎︎︎ Stone Street

Graphic Designer, Book Binder

This was one of my favorite student projects from late 2019 at Parsons. A deconstructed book of sorts, the project was inspired by the archival maps I found at the New York Public Library. As I searched through the stacks, I found myself drawn to the disconnected nature of each page and how the user was encouraged to arrange and rearrange the content as they discovered the ways New York City has changed. This autonomy and active, as opposed to passive, reading led to the unbound concept this book (and webpage) centers on.

To keep the subject manageable, I focused on Stone Street, one of the oldest existing blocks of colonial homes in the city. I couldn’t find a solid single source of narrative history on the block, so I decided to write one myself. The end result is a 36-page unbound book that begins with the history of the street and then moves through 6 maps from the early 1600s to the 1880s, and concludes with photos of the street in its current form.
I hand printed the project on large tabloid off-white paper and hand-cut each page to its final size of 8.5x14 to then go inside the manilla envelope.

Please feel free to drag around the images on the screen and re-arrange the project in a way you want! Don’t worry, when you refresh the page it will go back in order.